Hello, welcome to this new website that I just made because I went to visit the old one and there were so many popup ads that I couldn't use anything.

Here is what I have made so far:
Flounce Post Generator
English to Springs1

I realize that these are pretty old and that only really the flounce post generator is at all relevant for anything anymore (although springs1 keeps popping up around the internet complaining about sub par ranch dressing delivery by waitstaff). If you have an idea that you would like to see executed with mediocre half stolen javascript feel free to lj message me (margalite@lj) or something and I'll see what I can do.
Update on 7/18/10: I noticed that people still visit my flounce post generator so I decided to add more content that I've gleaned from flounces that have occurred in the last 3 or so years since I coded the thing. Also, now that I've just added 100% (!) more content I also added a google ads bar. I'm sorry.
Update on 1/20/12: I've added some pretty terrible css that makes everything Helvetica. I feel oddly accomplished.